About Neria

Hey guys! It’s Neria! I’m a “young teenage” girl who dabbles in a variety of things. I would like to point out that my color personality is a red-green which I agree with. However, the Myers-Brigg test I detest *wink* because IT GOT MY PERSONALITY WRONG. I’m “officially” an ENFJ-T but I would consider myself an introvert. This is a great reminder that technology can never be totally reliable.

Okay, moving on! I love music and doing piano covers and occasionally doing a violin cover. But my life primarily revolves around eating, sleeping, doing homework, and chilling. Well, you can never forget the dog, so…my life is basically all of those things but revolving around my dog, Belle. I also love going to the gym and hikes, swimming, skiing, and pretty much being in the outdoors.

I hope this gave you a little sneak peek of my life, but stay tuned for more! I’m so excited to introduce you to my new collaboration blog with Addie!!!

P.S. You can follow me on my personal and devotional blog, if you haven’t already!